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Does free online relationship counselling work?

Does free online relationship counselling work

Does free online relationship counselling work?What qualifies for free online relationship counselling?

Are you and your partner arguing about the littlest of things? Are you leading separate lifestyles? Do you feel that there are constant misunderstandings in your relationship? If yes, then these are signs that you must opt for free online relationship counselling. It isn’t the word “free” that is important here but, more often than not, price does not equal value. Very often, you can get the same care for near nothing as you can for exorbitant prices; at least for small problems.

Although starting any type of counselling is frightening, relationship counselling is especially harder. This stands true because it is difficult for you to explicitly talk about how you feel about the relationship, your inner fears and hopes in front of a partner who might refute what you say. He or she is already aware of you and pouring your heart out in front of them can leave you feeling notably uncovered.

“it is difficult for you to explicitly talk about how you feel about the relationship”

So what is relationship counselling and is it really effective? Free online relationship counselling involves you and your partner meeting a therapist otherwise known as the counsellor, consultant, psychologist or a coach. This individual tries and understands your relationship and crafts a customized program to smooth out any existing or prospective bumps in your relationship.

As far as the effectiveness of the counselling is concerned, there is no concrete answer. For some people, it might, while for others this could make the situation worse. It is a gamble either ways. There are several factors involved that can impact whether or not relationship counselling would work.

These include:

  • Timings:

    One of the most significant factors that can negatively or positively influence the success of relationship counselling is timing. Most of the times, people wait till the damage is so grave that it comes to a point where it can’t be fixed. It could be because one of the partners might not be interested in making amends anymore. For relationship counselling online to work it is imperative that you go in for early intervention and give your relationship a better chance to last.

  • The problems they are facing:

    The severity and the type of problem that two people are going through also affects whether or not it is going to work for them. Some issues only get worse when you talk about them. . In such scenarios, people might forget the issue, but it could get challenging to recover from concerns that emerge in the process.

  • The willingness to change and adapt:

    This is one aspect that sets the ground for a counselling session to be successful. If either or even one of the partners is not willingly participating in the free online relationship counselling, then there is very little chance of resolution. Moreover, it is crucial that both the parties pursue these counselling sessions with an open mind. This will make it easier for them to understand each other’s perspective. It also helps them to adapt to the solutions provided by the counsellor.

  • The commitment to the relationship:

    Nobody likes confronting problems with their loved ones, particularly when you are not sure whether these will get resolved. Sadly, issues only grow worse when you do not deal with them. If two individuals are committed to their relationship and they want it to work, then they will try to solve it. It could be by talking about the issue among themselves or by involving a third party.

  • Program & counsellors training:

    The expertise of the therapist is also essential. Make sure that the therapist that you choose has the right amount of skill and knowledge necessary to solve the particular issue you and your partner is facing. If the counsellor does not have proper training, then they might be biased. This can make fixing the situation quite a hurdle.

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7 Cups

Top 3 online relationship counseling

Review: Online Relationship Counseling

If you are facing any serious relationship issues, it is the time for you to contact a good and reputed online relationship counseling company that can help you get out of this depressing situation. Below are three of the best relationship counseling resources that you can contact in such a situation.

7 Cups7 Cups Online Relationship Counseling – Advice for Relationships and Life in General

“An all around counseling site that provides premium care.”

7 Cups – An introduction:

7 Cups is an online platform, not only to get online relationship counseling but also for helping you to face any kinds of challenges in your life. It lets you connect with the people who are kind enough to help you in the best way. Also, 7 Cups assists you in developing new skills to solve your relationship problems and other issues in life. It is meant for the people who need a therapist but can’t afford one.

Primarily, there are tons of resources on the website that are helping people in one way or the other. 7 cups also has an option of signature free chat so that you may talk to the trained listeners and discuss your relationship problems with them. Mostly some volunteers happily let the people talk about their problems. They also help the people in finding the most relevant professional therapists for such types of people; the therapists about whom the volunteers are sure that they would be willing to provide them free relationship advice and counseling.

Benefits of 7 Cups:

Some of the benefits of the 7 cups are as follows:

  • Choosing one’s own listener

The website lets the users browse the listeners’ community of 7 cups on the basis of life experiences. This helps the users to get the right online relationship counselor.

  • Finding instant support

You can find a therapist instantly without any delay. The therapists working with 7 cups are very caring, and they are the most active listeners. You can start your conversation right away when you feel like.

  • Getting the online therapy with a counselor of your own choice

You have the option to choose the therapist for yourself of your own.

  • Connecting & talking to strangers

7 Cups lets you learn to grow your social circle by talking to and interacting with the strangers. It lets you stay emotionally fit and resolve all your relationship problems sensibly.


Relationship Rescue Academy – For Married/Long Term CouplesRelationship Rescue Academy

“High quality but strict.”

Relationship Rescue Academy – An introduction:

Relationship Rescue Academy is one of the best programs that offer the services of the most effective relationship therapists. In fact, the company has received lots of positive reviews from the customers due to which it is ranked very high on the list of the top relationship therapist companies.

The main goal of the company:

The main goals of the program are to teach the couples the effective ways to communicate with each other in order to avoid any kinds of misunderstandings. There are different packages out of which the couples can choose the most suitable packages for them.

Benefits of Relationship Rescue Academy:

  • Provides a Personalized Experience

The methods used for the counselling of different couples are different.

  • One-on-One sessions rather than Group Work

The couples are offered one-on-one sessions to let them feel more comfortable.

  • It’s Private & Confidential

The couples are assured that their personal information is kept confidential.

A drawback of the company:

The major drawback of the company is that the team is very strict. They only cater to serious couples for their online relationship counseling. They don’t accept the cases of casual affairs or domestic violence. – Paid But Effective Care

“Great results but paid care.” – An introduction:

This counseling platform is ideal for such couples who can easily talk about their relationship issues on phone calls. This is one of the best online couples therapy programs. Furthermore, the couples who seem to be in a delicate situation, or who face serious relationship issues can get their problems solved by getting assistance from the therapists of this platform.

Benefits of

  • It has the highest Success Rate

Reviews show that the success rate of this website is very high.

  • It is one of the most Popular Program

There are a great number of users who get help from this website to get online relationship advice.

  • It offers 100% Money Back Guarantee

The company offers 100% Money Back Guarantee if you do not get satisfied with their services.

  • It allows the users to download counseling material instantly

There are certain books and other material available on the website that helps the couple to solve their relationship matters more wisely. All this material can be readily downloaded from the website.

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Free Online Marriage Counseling

Free online marriage counseling issues

Free Online Marriage CounselingWhat Can Free Online Marriage Counseling Solve?

Every relationship has ups and downs, and not all require free online marriage counseling. These problems could arise in many different forms ranging from in-laws getting on your nerves, children getting in trouble at school or just because the workload at the office is too much. Even the best relationships get caught in this spiral. Nevertheless, if as a couple you identify these problems, then there will be a higher probability of solving them effectively.

Some of the most common in a marriage are:

  • Communication:

    One of the primary reasons is noneffective communication because most of the problems stem from it. Poor communication results in fights, misunderstandings, and frustration. Additionally, it leads either of the two to feel invalidated and unheard, which builds resentment instantly.

Solution: Learning effective communication skills is an art in itself. Listen to one another without interrupting or judging. If you can’t help but scream, then you can try to be in a public place. You can also try free couples counseling.

  • Money stress:

    Money is a primary stressor in a relationship. Either it is not enough or not utilizing it optimally, the differences can cause problems.

Solution: Put these newly learned communication skills to have a serious talk about money with your partner. Figure out an estimate finances that you guys agree on, and then stick to it. Make clear agreements, and work towards it.

  • Changing priorities:

    Priorities change with time. Maybe you both or one of you want a change now. Perhaps you were ambitious once, but now you would want to live a quiet life. Shifting priorities can be a source of conflict.

Solution: A simple solution for fixing this issue is through observing. Identify and list the things or beliefs that you still have in common, while letting your partner grow and change. Accept who they are now rather than always nagging about the past. If you have different priorities about major lifestyle issues, and you can’t fix it on your own; then you can opt for free online marriage counseling.

  • You feel suffocated about living together:

    Getting married and sharing your personal space along with pets, furniture and practically your entire life can be suffocating.Sometimes, people might not be able to understand or give space to one another leading to frustration.

Solution: This is a common issue because the concept of sharing everything with a partner could be new to you. This is particularly hard if you are an only child, who never had to split things among siblings. An easy fix for this situation is defining rules for personal space. However, it will only work if the partner is empathic and is willing to meet you halfway.

  • Varying intimacy requirements:

    Troubles with your sex life can be stressful and is bound to have a massive effect on your relationship. It is time for a serious conversation if one of you is not satisfied, or you feel that you have different intimacy needs.

Solution: it is essential in a marriage that you take out time for sex. Carve out time for intimacy. However, it does not have to be at night only when both of you are tired. Arrange for a babysitter or another family member to take care of the kids, while you make the most of this alone time. Moreover, you must learn what excites you and your partner. If you are unable to resolve your sexual relationship on your own, then you can consult free marriage counseling online.

All of the above mentioned issues are common in every relationship. It is imperative that you notice them and fix it rather than avoiding.

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Online Couples Counseling

How to get online couples counseling?

Online Couples CounselingFinding free online couples counseling is not difficult.

Need for couple therapists:

In a world where lots of couples are getting divorced and are splitting up quickly, there is a great need for online couples counseling. You just don’t need to find a couples’ therapist; finding a qualified and authentic therapist is one of the essential parts. There are lots of couples’ counselors who claim to be very competent, but actually, they don’t know much about the chemistry of the couples.

Getting free couples therapy:

  • Free online couples’ therapy:

There are many different ways of getting free couple therapists. You can easily find free marriage counseling online. You just need to find an authentic website and start the process according to their requirements. Some of the companies require you to sign up on their website. Well, that’s a simple process. After that, you get referred to the most suitable therapist who can understand the problems between you and your partner well. Along with the online couple counseling, there are other free sources as well.

  • Non-profit organizations for Social Services:

Various non-profit organizations that work for social services like Catholic Social Services, Jewish Social Services, etc. also offer free couple counseling. Both the mentioned organizations provide their services to all the human beings regardless of their religions.

  • Employee Assistance Programs:

Certain employee assistance programs are designed to provide the advantage to both the employees as well as the employers. These programs assist the employees in dealing with their personal matters. Problems including the problems with their partners and other marital problems qualify for this aid. You have to find out which of the companies offer such programs because these perks are offered by some specific organizations only.

  • Mental health departments of the hospitals:

Sometimes there are separate departments of mental health care in the hospitals of your locality. If it is a government hospital, then you will be able to get the services free of cost. Most of the countries do have such departments that deal with the mental health, psychology and furthermore the marital issues of the couples. They give the couple free relationship advice. Therefore, it can be a great deal of couples’ therapy. However, first, you have to look up for a proper therapist.

  • Talking to the clergy or other religious guides:

You can also get the help from your spiritual scholars and clergies who can guide you and advise you about your marital issues. It is a great way to resolve your relationship issues if you have strong beliefs related to your religion. Otherwise, you have got other options as well.

Once you start a counseling session and you feel that it is auspicious, then you should try to continue it for a long time. It will help you to solve the issues with your partners in a more efficient way.

Finding the best couple therapist online:

Things to consider before getting started with your online couples counseling:

  • Looking at the percentage of couples attending the counseling sessions provided by a specific website
  • Knowing about the training sessions and the seminars that the therapists have attended in the past years
  • Knowing about the qualification of the counselors by visiting their profiles

Benefits of couples counseling:

  • It helps the couples to sort out the misunderstandings between them
  • It lets the couples improve their communication skills
  • The couples learn to cooperate with each other and compromise in daily life matters
  • The partners start supporting each other
  • Resolves problems of infidelity, domestic violence, etc.

You don’t need to go for counseling that has prohibitive costs. Instead, you should try to find a free couples counseling website or any other platform.

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Don’t be embarrassed to go on couples therapy

We define the treatment path in couples therapy after patiently listening and carefully understanding the problems couple is facing. Our practical and scientific approach, while balancing and weighing the emotions at stake, helps us bring in the much needed transparency and attachment among the partners. It definitively helps in doing the right thing, and taking the right decision, not only for the relationship, but personally as well.

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Does free online relationship counselling work?

Does free online relationship counselling work

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7 Cups

Top 3 online relationship counseling

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Free Online Marriage Counseling

Free online marriage counseling issues

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